Your life matters

There are many reasons people seek counselling and your reasons will be very personal to you. You may have a clear idea of why you would like counselling. You may know what issues in your life you would like to give time and attention to. Or you may not be able to put your finger on what is going on. You just have a sense that things are not quite as you would like them to be.

What many people who come to counselling have in common is that they are not happy with how things are in their life. They want things to change, to be different, and just can’t work out how to make that happen.

This is a time when speaking to some outside of your day to day life, who has had professional training, can make the difference. I can help you to live the life you want.

Read about the different life matters I can help you with

Positive relationships

You may have a relationship you are finding challenging and wish it could be different

Stress free life

Perhaps you are feeling stressed about your work or home life and want to find balance

Life changes

There may have been a change in your life and you want to rebuild your life

Lifting low mood

Perhaps you are experiencing low mood and want to find motivation to do the things you normally enjoy

Working with worry

You could be living a life filled with worries and fears and want to work out how to live with your anxiety

Life after bereavement

You may have experienced a loss or bereavement and want support through these difficult times

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