Positive relationships

Are you finding that …

  • you have a relationship you are finding challenging
  • you feel your views are not heard or taken notice of
  • you don’t know how to express yourself
  • you are feeling overwhelmed or distressed
  • you are feeling trapped and have no-one to to turn to

…. then counselling could help you live the life you want to live.

We all have relationships in our lives and connect with different people in different ways. Some people we just seem to click with.  With others we can find it more difficult.

We don’t have choices about some of the people we have relationships with, such as family, colleagues at work, our boss or neighbours. Other relationships may have changed and are no longer offering us what they once were.  If you have a relationship which is not working it can be a lonely and isolating place to be.

"I can help you get your relationships back on track"

Counselling can offer you a safe and confidential place to begin looking at the relationships in your life. You will have the space and freedom to explore your situation on a one to one basis with someone who is not involved and is unbiased. Together we can work out how you would like your relationships to work for you.

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