Life after bereavement

The bereavement of a significant person in our lives can have a lasting impact.  If you’ve lost someone in your life, you may be feeling ….

  • shock and disbelief that the person is no longer here
  • denial and expecting the person to walk through the door at any moment
  • anger at what has happened or why the person has left you
  • loneliness and feel you have been abandoned
  • regret and guilt, wishing you had said (or not said) something, wishing you had done more

We all experience grief differently and deal with our loss in our own way. It can feel like your world has been turned upside down and nothing is the same. Getting through each day can feel completely overwhelming. Or perhaps the loss has reawakened memories and thoughts you believed were buried and your emotions are confusing.

"I can support you through life after bereavement"

However bereavement is affecting you, counselling can offer you time and space to start to make sense of what has happened. You can speak to someone who is independent about what you are thinking and feeling. Counselling can support you with the pain of today and beyond.

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