Counselling works

Counselling helps people in many different ways. The majority of people who try counselling find it beneficial.

Research has shown it helps to talk to someone outside of your everyday life. We are all aware what we say to others can have a knock-on effect, changing relationships and the way people see each other. The confidential environment of counselling removes this barrier. It offers you the space and freedom to explore your situation with someone who is not involved and is unbiased.

"I can offer you a space to start exploring whatever is going on for you in your life"

The process of talking through whatever it is you are finding troubling allows it to feel less overwhelming. My clients often tell me they feel unburdened or lightened from being able to talk freely about themselves and their experiences.  As you start to feel more in control and make sense of your life, you can begin to navigate your way through your difficulties.

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